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Carrez Law Measurement

The expert offers you on-site measurements as defined in the law of 18th December (96-1107), "Journal Officiel" of 19th December 1996 and application decree 97-532 of 23rd May 1997. 

The Carrez law makes it compulsory to state the surface area of a private lot in a co-owned property at the time of any transfer. 

The measurements, taken by a qualified construction technician specially trained for this task, ensure the exactitude of the information provided, exonerate you from any legal risk and contribute to transaction transparency. 

By performing these statutory operations, the expert undertakes to : 

  • inform the occupants of the premises of the process 
  • analyse the composition of the lot(s) in accordance with the documents supplied 
  • proceed with measurements on the site 
  • provide the original certificate 
  • Extract from the Carrez law

If the floor area is over 5% less than that stated in the deed of sale, the buyer has the right to claim a price reduction from the vendor in proportion to the extent of the overstatement. 

The buyer has one year from the date of signature of the final deed of sale to claim this price reduction, under pain of forfeiture.